Proofreading and editing



We charge according to the length of your document, not hourly. The advantage of this is that you are able to calculate a fixed price for your work in advance. Once we have received your document we will give you a definite price according to the number of words and number of days within which you want the document delivered, as follows:

Student rate:

7 days     =   €12 /1000 words, ˃ 100 pages
3 days      =   €16 /1000 words, maximum 100 pages
24 hours =  €22 /1000 words, maximum 30 pages

Businesses rate:

Our charge is €60 /hour

No BTW/VAT tax will be charged; currently exempted. No service costs are charged.

Our charge

For copywriting, we charge per copy. Per-word prices encourage quantity over quality. Five hundred words, or even fewer, might be far more effective than 5000. We have zero tolerance to wordiness since it brings redundancy. The final charge depends on the amount of time needed for research.

We always aim for the best copy which meets your target audience. If you have an idea but you don’t know where to start, for example, you want your audience to know how to take care of their pets; we do the research and the writing for you.

We do our best to make the copy complete and ready to meet your audience within the agreed time frame.

Our charge is €60 /copy (1 page). No BTW/VAT tax will be charged; currently exempted.

How it works


  • Heavy or light editing, we guarantee that the price remains the same.
  • Following your document upload, we will quickly review your details, and as long as everything is suitable, we will contact you about payment.
  • You can pay by transferring the money electronically into our ABN AMRO bank account or by sending us the payment through Western Union.
  • The proofreading and editing process will begin as soon as payment is received; you will receive your corrected text according to the delivery time you choose.
  • For copywriting, payment is made after the client agrees with the first draft outline; your copy is delivered within the agreed time.

Document options

  • Word document is returned with corrections and queries done with Track changes.
  • PDF files are returned with corrections and queries as highlights and comments.